Mice found in Honda VFR800 airbox

Published: 13 June 2008

According to the nursery rhyme “I saw a mouse,” the rodent lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam, but in the case of this Honda VFR800 it looks more like the mouse was living in the airbox of the motorcycle.

Owner Mike Roughton was unaware his motorcycle had been turned into a larder for mice in the shed where he stored the Honda motorcycle over the winter, until he dropped the bike off at Full Throttle Motorcycles in Weymouth for a service and MoT.

Ali and Lloyd Bethell, who own the garage, said they’ve never seen anything like it. “I took the bike for a run and it was lumpy and a bit sluggish,” Ali told MCN.

The food store was revealed when a peanut fell out while Lloyd was lifting the petrol tank. “I thought it was a washer at first. As it turns out, it was a food store.”

Unfortunately the mouse wasn’t just eating its nuts, having also had a nibble at the plastic covers protecting wires, and taking a 4-inch chunk out of the cold-start vacuum tube.

Lloyd said he was just finishing the service in time for the weekend, and that he wouldn’t be charging Roughton for environmental disposal of the nuts.


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