Motorcyclists should react better

Published: 07 June 2008

I recently was in my car (sorry all) on the Old Kent Road, pulling out into busy traffic in the middle of the day.

As a motorcyclist, I was of course being hyper-observant, head on a swivel, really checking all around and pulling out slowly between cars.

After checking left-right-left again I edged out and a motorcycle courier, filtering WAY too fast, emerged from behind a white van and nearly plastered himself to my bonnet.

Luckily I was going about .01 mph with my foot hovering over the brake. His reaction? Two fingers, spouting profanity and invective and oblivious to my apology (though why I apologised I have no idea).

I rode my Triumph Street Triple back to the spot the next day to see if I had been as big a tit as I thought.

When I got to the spot, there was NO WAY I would have filtered in heavy traffic behind a white van, given the curve, limited visibility etc.

How we react to motorists, however stupid we want to say they all are, says a lot about us.