Petrol station persecution

I am one of the growing number of dedicated female bikers now enjoying owning and riding their own bike. I own a 07 black Kawasaki ZX6R, which is my absolute pride and joy.

Tues of last week - yes just as the fuel protest was coming to a close, I set off from home with my fuel light on to go to work. Like most people in the morning, I was a little 'tight' for time and decided I would pop out at lunch to get some fuel. Working for the NHS I only get 30mins for lunch - so to save time I just stuck my leather jacket on over my uniform to save time changing, making it obvious to most I work at the local hospital, which is less than 5 mins away, and was probably not some manic lunatic about to rip anyone off!

I passed the local Texaco station due to astronomical prices, though they did have fuel - but after failing to find a station with unleaded I had to return to the Texaco. I sat at the pump, after a pause a voice over the tannoy boomed 'TAKE YOUR HELMET OFF' there are no signs or indications on the forecourt to show this is required, but I did as I was 'instructed' much to the interest of those in the kiosk - most embarrassing to be shouted at! I put in my £10.01 fuel - it was £10 max fill that day.

When I went in to pay I asked the cashier why I had had to take my lid off - 'company policy' came back the blunt retort. I asked why, if that was the case, it wasnt illustrated on the forecourt. Company policy again came back the retort. This discussion carried on for a few minutes with the cashier becoming ruder and ruder. I was somewhat upset by this 'mans' attitude and asked for his name as I was unhappy about his rudeness - only to be told to 'pay up and F*** OFF'!!!!!

I asked the guy for his name only to have him point to his name badge and him say - you can read, this is it! I said that i wanted his full name but he refused So to avoid anymore confrontation as the man was becoming more and more irate at my insistence for his name I handed over a ten pound note, but as I was delving into the depths of my bag for the odd penny, he bellowed at me 'and the penny'! Well being somewhat irritated with him by this stage I tossed the penny across the counter - ensuring it was hard enough to land on the floor the other side.

He was some what angered by this and shouted at me ‘why you throw money at ME' With that, another customer came in and the cashier began ignoring me - so I politely informed the new customer that I was very sorry, but that the cashier had been very rude and I wasn’t prepared to leave til I had the cashiers full name - the guy was great and said he would wait to come to the cash desk til the matter was resolved.

The cashier finally wrote his name on a piece of paper, for which I thanked him and started to leave the kiosk, but as I was leaving he called out BITCH!!!!!! Now how about that for customer service!!!!! I emailed Texaco to complain, and they, to their credit, replied within days, stating that they do not own the station - Pace Petroleum do, but as it carries their name they contacted Pace to demand an enquiry!

I then received a reply from Pace: Sharon, I am writing in response to the e-mail that you sent on the 17th June 2008. Pace Petroleum Ltd takes these matters seriously and would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention and I have referred the concern that you have raised to both the Area Manager and Site Operator for investigation. Once I have their findings I will contact you again. I would like to apologise on behalf of Pace Petroleum Ltd for the inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions regarding the concern that you have raised please do contact me. Many thanks Alison Beck Financial Administrator, RIS Pace Petroleum Ltd

The final response to this was: Sharon I have had a response back regarding the issue that you have raised at Pace Filton Park. The Site Operator has responded back to me by saying that due to an increase in the number of bike rider’s riding of without paying, the Police have asked them to ask all Motor Cyclists to remove helmets prior to the pumps being authorised. This is so that the cashier can get a view of who is drawing fuel. He has apologised for the way that you were treated by his staff and he has reminded all staff that they must display good customer services at all times. As a gesture of goodwill and that we appreciate your custom, Pace petroleum Ltd would like to send you a £5.00 Pace gift voucher that can be used in exchange for fuel or goods. Can you please forward on your mailing address so that I can issue. 

I am absolutely disgusted with the way I was spoken to that day, and to be honest cant believe the guy in question can be allowed to get away with it without so much as an apology from him. No one, especially not a woman, should have to endure being spoken to in such a way - and my original question directed in a civil manner to the cashier stills remains unanswered - why, if it is company policy is there not a notice at the pumps to request helmets be removed!

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