Route 66 with Eagleriders USA

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Route 66 with Eagleriders USA. This was a trip and a half something I have wanted to do since my 50th and before my FIVE Heart Attacks. This has given me an outlook on life that has seriously changed my life to the following; Work like you are going to live forever and LIVE like you are going to die tomorrow.

Firsly I would never buy an off the shelf Harley, totally unreliable 7 failed out of 14 on the road. Harley support was worse than Rubbish. They could not identify failed spark plugs in one instance.Do Not use NGK Plugs if you own one.

We were dodging Major storms enroute Tornado's, flooding, gusting 70mph winds and hail stones the most extreme weather you could imagine. Made some good mates from Italy, Sweden, Ireland & UK. We pased through one town that was in Tornado alley, it was made of wood, two weeks before we arrived they recorded 31 dead 23 found and buried 8 still missing. Unbelieveable.

1 Route 66 logo at flooded river in Misouri. 2 Resting with comic at Grand Canyon. 3 Petrified Forrest national park. 4 Harley seat, they are comfortable with a gentle vibe but no use to riders. 5 Matte (Cars) Truck, inspiration for Cars the Disney movie. 6 Cadilac Ranch. Mirko & I.

Again I would seriously recomend this trip on the Mother road as an eye opener to what bikes are for, "RIDING" not polishing. Women clean not bikers.

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Ross Jackson

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By Ross Jackson