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It all started way back in 1991 if I had never put the television on that day I wouldn't have known Michael Schumacher, I am so proud to be his number 1 fan.

I have written a dedication/tribute book and it took 5 years to do, I finished on the day when he told everyone at Monza he was going to retire.

Since then my book has sold pretty well on the internet. I have only seen Michael and that was in 2007 at Wembley to see him in the car event called The Race of Champions and he was awesome.

I still follow and support him, I am hoping he will contact me has he has a copy of my book.

To me him and Mr Jean Todt are such kind gentlemen, they have helped me a great deal thanks gentlemen.

I wish Michael and his family good luck, health and see you soon in the future .

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