Aprilia reveals official RSV4 drawing

Published: 10 March 2008

Aprilia might have already shown its new V4 in prototype race form, but this official drawing gives a hint of how the production machine is likely to look when it appears later this year.

Although the sharp-eyed will notice Aprilia has flipped the picture before adding the Aprilia badging - the chain and exhaust are on the wrong side compared to the real bike - this image reveals a cleaner appearance, thanks to extra covers over the engine.

It also appears to have a hint of what might be a V-shaped headlight on the nose, a design which would be in line with that of the firm's FV2 concept bike, which used two rows of LEDs acting as headlights.

Such a design would allow the lights to mimic the twin raised ridges on the nose, tank and tail of the RSV4.

The drawing also shows the bike fitted with eight-pot brake callipers, although the production machine is more likely to use four-pot Brembos, as on the race prototype.