Alpinestars launch Nero range

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Motorcycle clothing manufacturer Alpinestars unveiled a range of motorcycle jackets and boots designed for the urban rider, at a lavish catwalk show in Barcelona on Friday.

The firm believes its Nero range could tap into a market of riders who want fashionable riding kit that looks good when worn on or off their two-wheeler.

“Where this has come from is a realisation that there’s a growing culture in motorcycling that doesn’t come from the traditional market,” says Jeremy Appleton, media communications manager at Alpinestars.

The range is aimed at riders who “are enthusiasts, but have a bike for reasons other than simply the joy of motorcycling,” he says.

Clothing in the Nero collection focuses on a tight-fitting cut, and high-quality materials. The range comprises 5 jackets each for men and women, and a collection of 3 boots.

The jackets are constructed from a range of materials including leather, Kevlar, and protective textiles, and offer ultra-low profile CE-approved body armour in the shoulders and elbows.

The boots are all made from premium-grade Italian leather, and feature impact and abrasion protection.

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The clothing available from 45 of Alpinestars’ major outlets throughout Europe, with jacket sizes ranging from 44-60 for the men’s items, and 36-48 for the womens. Boots are available in European sizes 38-48.

Here’s some pictures captured on a camera phone at the launch on Friday. For more information, pick up next week’s MCN on March 26.


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