Girls Bike2 acquire new clothing ranges

Published: 20 March 2008

Girls Bike2, the ladies-only motorcycle clothing retailer, has landed no less than seven new ranges to add to their already wide portfolio.

The most recent acquisitions include Armadillo scooter wear, Bering, Daytona and Segura, and they’ve also secured product ranges from Teknic, Frank Thomas and Richa.

Marketing Director Clare Keeley said: “We are delighted to extend our range of new suppliers while working closely with our existing ones.

“We have signed an exclusive 12 month agreement to launch the new Teknic Venom race glove which is stylish and comfortable.

“In addition Richa is designing their new Diva jacket in additional sizes for Girls Bike2 from size UK18 to 24.”

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There are now nine Girls Bike2 stores across the UK with the latest addition being Bridgewater in Somerset.

For more information contact 01462-434350.