Government tells police: catch motorcyclists in April

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Police have instructions from Government to spend April targeting motorcyclists, MCN can reveal.

The instructions are contained in a Department for Transport (DfT) “enforcement calendar” issued to traffic units as part of its Think road safety campaign.

Inspector Shaun Cronin of Dorset Police’s traffic unit said: “The DfT put out an enforcement calendar. It guides police forces through the Think campaign to look at specific areas for enforcement so that we’re all joined up on the same hymn sheet. April is the month for motorcycles.”

A DfT spokeswoman said: “We have discussions with the Association of Chief Police Officers about what we are going to be highlighting in our Think campaign so that they can see whether they might want to join up with that and do some of their own activity around the same time.”

MCN has asked to see the enforcement calendar but the DfT has yet to provide it.
We’ve also asked every police force in the UK what they have planned for motorcycle enforcement month. To find out what they said, get MCN, on sale March26. 


Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell