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I have just read the article about the chap trying to chase his local council for cost of damage caused to his bike by hitting a pot hole.

What I would say is don't give up and don't be fobbed off by the type of standard letter that they send out. Exactly the same happened to me in January this year, denting the front rim on my Aprilia RSV-R.

I arrived home today to get an email from their insurers saying a cheque has been issued for the full amount! ! Take plenty of photos of both the damage caused to your bike and also of the state of the road,and of course any reciepts that you have paid out.

But most importantly, DONT GIVE UP ! It may have taken nearly 5 months to get my money back, but it is hugely satisfying to take them on and win. By the way,my dispute was with Herts highways. Have enclosed a couple of photos. Are there any worse roads around than in Hertfordshire?

Some of them are in a truly amazing state of disrepair.

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