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I went out for a drive on sunday afternoon with my wife and daughter over the snake pass to visit Derwent valley , as we got near ladybower resevoir I noticed a blue van in a small layby amongst the trees . and yes it was a camera van ,unmarked and I'm not sure it was the one in MCN ,it didnt have a GB sticker on it or paint splashes on the rear door ,but as we got nearer you could see the camera in the left hand rear window . Annoyed by this I parked the car in a layby a short distance down the road and walked back with my camera to take some pictures ,to my suprise the side door slid open and a casually dressed operative pops out asking would I like to look inside as he had nothing to hide . My first reaction was to accuse them of being bloody sneaky and it was no wonder everybody hated them , He said he did'nt give a toss , and if what they where doing cut down on the number of speeding bikers killing themselves then so be it , and it was his job to do.I asked him why dont they use the vans to catch drivers using mobile phones as I cosidered them a bigger danger to road users than people who speed ,He said they do , but how come we dont see much evidence of this in the press , or the coviction figures. back on the point of speeding he said they were only prossecuting excessive speeders and not riders doing a few mph over the limit , and the point of disguised vans was that as they.re not as obvious and there are going to be more of them in use you will not speed anywhere for fear of being nicked ! I would just like to say we had a reasonable discussion and he did put some fair points across but in time to come I dont think you will be able to enjoy a relaxing ride anywhere without feeling somebody's just waiting for you to slip over the limit to feed the money box! As I am not sure of the legal side of me taking these pictures could you please contact me before printing them , maybe the operatives face should be blocked out ?

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