Excellent service from M&P for my new ZX-10R

Thought I would drop you a line about a most refreshing change!

I have been a customer of M&P here in south Wales for a few years and have purchased from them everything from clothing to a new bike.

Last week I was browsing through the shop when the senior manager asked if he could help. I said I was looking for a new bike, and he informatively took me through his stock,

My head kept being drawn to the new ZX10R. "TAKE IT OUT HE SAID!" So I arranged a test ride for that weekend. I turned up on saturday leathers and lid, was met by a mechanic who showed me around the bike and told me a couple of new features to this years model, we did the paperwork and then was told to go and enjoy myself for at least an hour! but should I want it more just ring and let them know! The bike was tremendous I don't need to tell you boys about that.

On my return I was not pressured in anyway, no glancing stares at the tyres, and no hassle, I returned the bike, (which was a shame!) thanked them and then went into the store, the General manager Steph! then asked how it went and enquired to the rest of my weekend, I stated I was going for breakfast but immediately realised I had forgot my wallet,

Without hesistation one of the shop staff "geoff" offered me a loan for breakfast for me and my three mates. I accepted and had breakfast returning later to repay the man mountain who had so kindly helped out!

That afternoon I purchased a new Shoei lid from them and ordered my new bike!

This has to be the best service I have yet to receive in the motorcycle world.

M&P have changed so much over the last few years it's amazing they still have time for the little guy never mind going the extra mile. I for one can assure them of my business from now on and would reccomend them to any one, they have an excellent online facility, are getting a good bike stock in and the kit is top notch, breakfast on site, specialist bike parking "secure!" and even a pretty hot bird behind the counter! really impressed, thanks M&P.

Just thought I would share that with you, only hours before I had been refused technical information from a Yamaha Dealer locally and was told I could not have a test ride of the new R1. OH how a few miles makes the differance......cheers guys.

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Stevie Nixon

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By Stevie Nixon