Police shortage in Sussex

Just heard about Sussex police being short of policeman. Apparently they are offering to pay policemen who have defected to London, to return to Sussex.

Yesterday on the A27 near the Ashcombe roundabout at Lewes at 8am there was a police 4x4 on the central reservation with a speed camera mounted next to it and two policemen.

Alongside were two police motorcyclists. Across the roundabout in the layby was another police car. What exactly do Sussex police need more policemen for? To catch more speeders!

We had a robbery at a jewellers in Lewes not long ago and we were visited by 'community police officers' making enquiries door to door. I have nothing against them but they were clearly not experienced in that type of work.

The 'proper' police are obviously too busy trying to catch speeding motorists. We never see a policeman on the beat. I question the need for more policemen in Sussex.

It's not that there are not enough, it's just that they need to be deployed better, solving crimes, making the streets safer. Perhaps in ways that aren't just focused on collecting revenue.

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