Did I deserve it?!

I know you hear this a lot but i just wanted to be heard. I am not a fan of the police but i have my reasons.

In july 2007 i was convicted of dangerous driving. I was out for a Sunday ride (on my own) and fancied a wheelie. Thought nothing of it till i got a letter two weeks later. I had been reported.

Cutting a long story short I was in and out of court for 10 months and ended up with a £400 fine, a 1 year ban, 50 hours community service and an extended re-test which i did August and passed.

The thing that really hit a nerve is that I was reported by an off duty police officer (if therre is such a thing) with no evidence, just his word against mine and obviously his word was better than mine. I was taxed, tested, insured and have always payed tax. Must have been an easy target.

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By GixxerDream