In the year 2525 if man is still alive...

I was woken from my cryogenic sleep and allowed to go for a walk. I wandered down to where I could see a crowd looking over a concrete fence. Over the fence the was an empty road. I asked the guy next to me what was happening.

"We're waiting for the race" he said. "What race" I asked. "The Cop Race" he said "Is someone racing the cops" I asked "Naaaa the coppers race each other, we're only allowed 10bhp now" he said "10bhp for cars?" I asked incredibly "Yea and you have to have a man walk in front with a red flag too" he said quite calmly.

"We had 180bhp bikes and 1000bhp cars in my day" I said "The police got them banned cos they were too dangerous, anything above 4mph meant your skin could blow off" he said again so calmly "So what cars do the cops have?" I asked "2000bhp cars and 1200bhp bikes" he said "But doesnt their skin blow off?" I asked "Naaa cop skin is thicker" he said.

 "Doesnt anyone try to get things back to normal, isnt it that the cops have gone too far?" I asked. "Well dont let them hear you criticize them, they have a real thin skin about that one" he said, and walked away.

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