SHARP safety ratings for flip-front helmets

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New safety ratings for flip-front helmets are revealed exclusively by MCN today.

The star ratings, based on Government tests, cover 20 of the most popular flip-front helmets on the market.

Only two – the BMW System 5 and Caberg Trip – scored the maximum five stars for safety.

At the other end of the scale, KBC’s FFR helmet and Duchinni’s D601 were awarded just one star each.

In a repeat of surprise results of similar tests on full-face helmets, leading manufacturer Shoei scored just three stars, for its Multitech.

See the full SHARP flip-front helmet safety ratings below.

Unveiling the results, road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: “We started the SHARP scheme to ensure that all riders have the best possible independent safety information on which to base their helmet choice. That is why I am delighted today to be announcing SHARP’s first set of ratings for flip-front helmets.

“Full-face and flip-front helmets from across a wide price range and from a variety of manufacturers have received four or five stars – so all riders should be able to find a high-scoring helmet in a size and style that fits them and at a price they want to pay.”

SHARP ratings

MAKE MODEL RATING (out of five)
AGV Longway ****
Airoh Matisse RS **
BMW System 5 *****
Caberg Trip *****
Caberg Justissimo GT ****
Duchinni D601 *
G-MAC Concept ***
Grex RF2 ****
Lazer Granville ****
Lazer Revolution ****
Nolan N103 ****
Nolan N102 ****
ROOF Boxer ****
Schuberth C2 ****
Shark Openline ***
Shark Evoline ****
Shoei Multitech ***
Viper RS V121 ***
Viper RS RS101 ****


Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell