Terminator 4 movie features motorcycles

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These are the first pictures of the Moto-Terminator, the part-cyborg, part motorcycle killing machines which are to star in the fourth instalment in the Terminator saga, Terminator Salvation.

The new film, set to debut summer next year and starring Christian Bale,  follows Conner in his struggles against Skynet after the nuclear holocaust and sees the ‘machines’ take on a far bigger role than before.

Key among them is the ‘Moto-Terminator’, effectively the familiar Terminator character but in motorcycle form.

With menacing red headlights, the black bikes have ‘mini-guns’ which rotate to act as counterbalance as the bike leans, strapped to each side.   

Stuffed with a profusion of mean toys, with tubes and pipes intersecting the body work, the bikes appear to have an exoskeleton and obviously no room for a rider.


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Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley