BBC and speed camera bosses lampooned for hiding crash video

Published: 10 October 2008

Speed camera bosses and BBC officials hiding a video of crashes at camera sites have been lampooned in a satirical cartoon by an MCN reader.

The two-minute animation shows a speed camera van zapping motorists until one brakes heavily, causing a crash. Camera staff then whisk the tape away and stash it in a safe marked ‘crash video, top secret’.

Reader Keith Jones’ cartoon finishes with the message: ‘Similar events have been filmed in Norfolk and shown on the BBC. Want to see the real thing? Well, you can’t, the BBC and Norfolk Camera Partnership have hidden the film. Cameras cause crashes.’ 

Speed camera van footage showing cars braking heavily and crashing was shown on BBC Breakfast news and briefly on the BBC News website but vanished after critics said it showed cameras cause crashes.

Since then the BBC and Norfolk speed camera bosses have refused to supply the tape, rejecting Freedom of Information requests for it.

The cartoon, called Norfolk Numpties and the Camera of Doom, is dedicated to Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership manager John Fairey for ‘inspiring this movie’.

Now Jones has launched a petition demanding the tape’s release. Sign it here: