Pirelli Angel ST Sport Touring tyre to replace Diablo Strada in ’09

Published: 16 October 2008

This isn’t a publicity stunt. In March 2009 you'll be able to buy your very own Pirelli motorcycle tyre with an angel or devil tread pattern on it!

Pirelli revealed this teaser of their latest tyre due for next year at the Cologne Motorcycle Show that replaces the outgoing Diablo Strada.

Product Manager for Pirelli, Federico Bodini told MCN: “This is a tread pattern that is not only functional but it also has a design that communicates our new concept. We have the shape of angels and demons as the tread pattern as it translates to how the consumer wants to use their motorcycle.”

The Angel ST will be a single compound tyre, with more of a focus on the same EPT, or Enhanced Patch Technology, thesis that the Diablo Rosso sport tyre was centralised around last year.

Using a complex method of testing the pressure through the tyre, Pirelli has developed the Angel ST to have a much bigger contact patch for improved grip levels.

And they will also have a new custom and cruiser tyre, the Night Dragon, for 2009 that takes over from the MT66 Route tyre. Available in rear sizes up to a 240 section, the tyre has been developed alongside Harley Daivdson.

Pirelli confirmed to MCN the tyre was tested on Harley-Davidson V-rods over a 10,000KM trip from Alaska to Miami by their American R&D department.

Prices are due to be announced closer to the press launch of the tyres in Spring 2009.