BMW Quality Issues

Published: 04 September 2008

If BMW produced cars of such shoddy quality as their motorcycles, they would never sell another car.

I have had BMWs for over 10 years, my R1100GS I bought new in 1998, and had numerous warranty/quality issues, including 2 sets of corroded wheels replaced within 18 months, alternator failing after 12 months and leaving me stranded, front wishbone being replaced due to corrosion after 12 months. Overall quality of finish for a bike that cost, (£10,000 at the time) was appauling.

I now have an R1200GS Adventure, and again have been plagued with problems, from the cam chain cover and bolts being replaced due to corrosion, and the immobiliser has failed not once, but twice! Leaving me stranded on both occasions, and never as much as an apology or gesture of good will from BMW.

BMW quality issues are nothing new, and they only get away with it because we are a minority of their global market and relatively insignificant to them behind their car sales etc.