Free Parking for Bikes....

Published: 18 September 2008

I notice a lot of bikes either parking on the roadside, or paying to use a private car park in Cromer (North Norfolk).

Obviously, these pour souls do not realise that North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) do not charge bikes to park in their pay & display car parks, even if you take up a car space when the bike spaces are full.

If you're coming to N Norfolk, as a lot of bikers do, then please use the car parks. Here is the link for what area is covered by NNDC.

 If there's an attendant there, then the chances are it's a private car park & you'll probably have to pay. Look carefully at the "Pay & Display" machine, and it will confirm that there is NO charge for bikes (although Disabled drivers DO have to pay)!

We need more free parking. Especially at times like these.