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Two LCC (cycling campaign) cyclists were cycling at speed on the pavement of Lewisham High St which is pedestrian only. They ignored my request that they should not be cycling on the pavement. Both cyclists had bright green LCC flags attached to the fronts of their bikes and other LCC labels.

I managed to get a very poor mobile phone photo of them as they cycled towards other pedestrians on the pavement (I have zoomed in on the photo and I think there may just be one of the green LCC notices visible on the back of one of the bikes).

Considering 'the cycling campaign organisation' stress that cyclists should not break the law, I am concerned that two of their own members, sporting flyers and flags, should be breaking the law and putting others' lives in danger by cycling on the pavement. Both cyclists were large males on heavy mountain bikes.

I am a keen regular cyclist myself (not anti-cycling) and I also ride a 125cc scooter. I am in support of the petition for motorcylces to use bus lanes. I feel that this photograph of LCC cyclists on the pavement shows the lack of consideration and care some of them have for the law.

I believe that it is rather ironic that while they are blatantly breaking the law and endangering the lives of pedestrians they are petitioning to stop motorbikes from using bus lanes for reasons of their own safety.

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