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In the Modern Classics section of this week's issue of MCN, we featured this special Suzuki RG Gamma/Yamaha RD350LC hybrid. 

Here's some extra pictures from the photo shoot that we didn't have space for in the paper.

The bike's owner, Martin Boardman, has fitted a one-off machined yoke and his own company, Skids and Lids, took care of transfoming the fairings.

The wheels are from a Kawasaki KR1-S, the swingarm is a JMC 720 item and the exhaust is a custom job with chrome expansion chambers and carbon-fibre end cans.

Martin also runs a standard Suzuki RGV250 and he says that the YamaGamma is easily on par: "If you ride them side by side there is not much difference performance wise. The work I did on the suspension and brakes has made a massive difference. It's easily as good if not better to ride than the RGV250".

To read more on Martin's YamaGamma special, check out this week's issue of MCN, on sale Wednesday 24th September.

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James Keen

By James Keen