Motorcycling gets safer

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The rate of serious motorcycle accidents has fallen 28%, new Government figures reveal.

While the total number of serious bike crashes has risen, motorcycle use has risen even more, so the average chance of being involved has fallen.

Deaths and serious injuries of bikers rose 4% in 2007 compared to the average for 1994-1998. But the rise is outweighed by soaring motorcycle traffic, up 44% in the same period. It means that overall the rate of serious crashes has fallen sharply.

The figures also show only 5% of motorcycles in crashes were speeding. The most common factor in all accidents was failure to look properly, reported in 35% of cases. But this was only attributed 15% of motorcyclists in crashes, making us among the least likely to make the error. Cyclists on the other hand were among the most likely to not look. 

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell