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How the R1200GS should look

Published: 28 April 2009

US aftermarket parts-supplier Andrew Serbinski loves the ride but hates the look of his R1200GS so much he’s completely redesigned it. And in developing the new bodywork he's pioneering a new way of producing parts in a process he likens to simply 'printing them out'.

The R1200GSM reduces the parts-count and 'visual clutter' of the popular adventure bike, which Serbinsky feels betrays the actual feel of riding the bike. "These bikes offer a promise of being able to go from the tip of Scotland to end of Africa, but few people actually do it. It rides like a big sports bike with a great view so we set out to make it look that way."

The concept took two years to make a reality, but uses parts 'printed' directly from a 3D design, without the need for special tools or moulds to be fabricated.
Serbinski says that if a more sportily-bodyworked GS was offered alongside the existing style BMW would attract customers put-off by the current bikes' soft-roader styling.

There are no plans to produce the GSM, but you can buy the cylinder guards, windscreen, and ‘MudSling’ fenders from

What do you think of the Serbinski's design?