The problem with the swerve test is...

Well, the new test is here, very sorry to hear of people dropping the bike on test and, even worse, someone getting hurt.

We have our own Mod 1 course for trainee's to practice on. So far no-one has dropped the bike, we are very carefull with our trainee's only allowing them to do the avoidance exercise when we think they are up to it.

There are one or two things wrong and dangerous with the swerve. The distance from the speed trap to the swerve is not great enough for inexperienced riders, or even experienced ones in bad weather.

The speed equipment should be head up, if a rider had to swerve for a car, person, dog, cat etc. they would not be looking at their speedo at the time worrying what speed they were doing.

10 metress more on the distance from the speed gate and head up speed check would help!

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