V-Max too expensive? Get a B-King

Published: 26 April 2009

I have always bought the V Max, I would buy other bikes, but then went back and bought another V Max, I was going to buy the new Max, so sold my old one, as I thought the old one would drop a lot in value, but when I heard that the new Max was going to cost £16000, I was shocked, and did not think it was good value for money...

So I bought the 2008 ZZR1400 ABS, a good bike, but did not like the ride position,so sold it, and now have the Suzuki B King, a really great bike, its strange, but it rides like a V Max, it looks massive, but as soon as you are on the move, its just like being on a V Max.

I did not like the standard pipes on the B King, so I have got the Suzuki after market pipes out of the UK Suzuki Accessories catalogue, it transforms the look of the B King, and saves about 30 1B of weight over the standard system, see pics, best bike I have ever had, and I have had a few.