Dainese release official statement on Lorenzo suit failure

Dainese has released an official report into the failed deflation of Jorge Lorenzo’s D-Air race suit at Brno.

The three-time MotoGP race winner was leading team-mate and championship leader Valentino Rossi at the Czech circuit before low-siding his Yamaha M1.

Although Lorenzo’s airbag did deflate, the Spaniard was locked into a comedy broad stature when his airbag failed to deflate.

A Dainese spokeswoman released the following official statement today explaining the issue:

After Jorge Lorenzo’s fall during the last Moto GP round in Brno, Dainese’s technicians have gone through a detailed analysis of the D-Air Racing System used during the race.

Jorge low-sided at approximately 120Km/h (75mph), at which point the D-Air Racing inflated as intended, but after impact failed to deflate properly.

The post-race analysis performed at the D-Tec (Dainese Technology Center) determined the cause as a minor malfunction in the deflating system.

In order to avoid this to repeat, it has been therefore decided as follows:

1. The deflating systems will be examined one by one before the installation.

2. The deflating systems will be reallocated in the bags in an area where an inspection can be done even on the already build in system.

The Dainese D-Air Racing is the only air-bag system developed to inflate inside the suit during impact to protect the collarbone and shoulders of the rider and then deflate to its original form allowing the rider to continue to ride.

Dainese wishes to reiterate that the D-Air Racing has been functioning successfully, with several positive tests as well as use in official races where it inflated only when needed.

So far in 2009, 11 falls involved Dainese riders using the D-Air Racing:

Jorge Lorenzo – one activation in Brno.

Thomas Luthi – four activations: 2 during Assen and Brno races, 2  in practice in Sachsenring and Donington

Marco Simoncelli – two falls where activation of the D-Air Racing was not necessary, in practice in Le Mans and Brno

Michi Ranseder – two activations, one during Donington race, one during practice in Jerez, plus two falls where activations of the D-Air Racing was not necessary: during Sachsenring race and Donington Warm-up.

In Brno, Jorge’s new version of the D-Air Racing, with a lighter fabric and a decreased weight, prevented any injuries to his collarbone, shoulders and neck. In the post race press conference, Jorge’s statements affirmed the fact that the suit had been performing flawlessly and was on par with the high level of Dainese’s safety standards.

It’s important to note that the D-Air Racing System is the only system of its kind, thanks to the development between the D-Tec Center and Dainese’s sponsored riders in MotoGP, 250 and 125cc.

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull