New Honda scooter sucks up poo!

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Think your bike is a bit crap? It’s got nothing on this modified Honda SH125i used by Islington Council to wash and then suck up dog waste from pavements!

The ‘Poover’ has a topbox and a long tube which delivers first a jet of water to loosen the offending turd, and then a hoover mechanism sucks the mess away, saving sandal wearers everywhere dirty toes.

According to Islington Council, the Poover ‘boasts’ a 25-litre capacity. Personally, we wouldn’t boast about carrying 25 litres of dog muck around, but it’s providing a useful service nonetheless.

Cllr Ruth Polling, Islington Council’s Executive Member for Leisure and Equalities, said of the Poover: “Islington residents have long made it very clear that promoting responsible dog ownership is a top priority for them.

“While many residents do the right thing and clean up after their pets, there are still some people who leave the mess behind which is unsightly and unpleasant.

“Our street sweepers work very hard, seven days a week and the Poover is another way Islington Council is tackling the issue.”

Let’s hope they don’t leave the Honda unattended on the street – an oppurtunistic vandal could easily tweak the SH125i logo to read something far more rude…

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging