Another new McQueen replica Bell

Published: 08 December 2009

This stunning painted-to-order Steve McQueen replica Bell is now available from Grand Prix Legends.

Following the apparent success of the original 1964 Bell ISDT helmet released in limited made-by-request helmets, Grand Prix Legends have released another version in these stunning black and gold colours.

It’s a replica of the competition helmet McQueen wore under the pseudonym of Harvey Mushman.

In fact, with the exception of the 1964 ISDT team colours, this is the helmet design you’ll find the Hollywood film start wearing in most of his competition images.

The original design and paintwork was all penned by McQueen’s close friend, Von Dutch.

It’s a gorgeous but simple design with gold pin-striping and Steve hand-painted onto the sides.

The helmet isn’t held in stock by Grand Prix Legends, so you have to get one ordered so they can send it to their painter.

That means you have to wait 14 days for delivery.

It will also set you back £259.99.