Electric racing crisis: who will sign MotoCzysz?

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One of the biggest assets remains left to be claimed after the shock split in electric racing – MotoCzysz.

But neither the FIM nor TTXGP has managed to impress the American innovator Michael Czysz, the man behind the captivating, if still unproven, E1pc.

He says he fears the split, precipitated by the FIM after it withdrew its backing for TTXGP’s eGrandPrix world championship, threatens to lead the sport into the weeds.

He told MCN: “A successful race series must have a sanctioning body, which protects competitiveness and manufactures interest and a promoter that can market and grow the series.

“These are separate and exclusive functions, and with the joint TTXGP/FIM venture they could have had that, for the short term at least. Look at American Superbike racing for a lesson.

“It rivaled SBK in effort and importance, but in one year DMG acting as a unilateral sanctioning body and promoter has ruined the series and made Superbike racing in America irrelevant.”

Czysz says he won’t decide what to do with his fast-evolving E1pc (claimed to be up 40% on power and 30% down on weight since its TT debut) until both series’ full plans are on the table, but doesn’t sound optimistic: “AMA racing will not recover until the format is righted.

“In racing there is a history of successful formulas and unsuccessful formulas; currently electric racing is following the unsuccessful formula.

“This is very unfortunate because we were very drawn to the series.

“As I saw it- this was the last real opportunity for small companies to innovate and race their prototype motorcycles.”

Guy Procter

By Guy Procter