Bike-catching average-speed cameras type approved

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Hi-tech average-speed cameras capable of catching motorcycles are finally ready for roll-out after winning Home Office type approval.

So-called Specs3 cameras are a new generation of the average-speed cameras already seen at motorway road-works across the country.

But whereas the old kind are all front-facing, the new ones can be rear-facing and therefore capable of reading motorcycle number plates.

The old ones measure vehicles’ speed between two points as they are only linked in pairs. But the new ones allow many to be linked together to create speed control zones in which vehicles are constantly monitored.

Maker Speed Check Services says the cameras will be on 20mph and rural roads.
A statement on the firm’s website says: ‘The long wait is over and Specs3 has received its full Home Office Type Approval.

‘This means that the latest in average-speed enforcement technology can be applied on the UK road network.

‘Specs3 allows a network of cameras to measure the average speed of vehicles between camera locations, covering simple sections of road or area based networks…
‘Remote video cameras continually monitor traffic as it passes, routinely sending number-plate data back to a remote central server…

‘It is anticipated that Specs3 will be operated in 20mph zones, rural routes [and] strategic trunk roads.’

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell