Speedway legend backs ThermaHelm

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Former speedway champion Martin Dugard has endorsed a revolutionary new chemical brain-cooling motorcycle helmet, saying it will save lives both on road and track.

The ThermaHelm helmet combines a simple idea with cutting edge technology and has been praised by the Government’s UK Trade and Investment Division.

Speedway star Dugard is the latest expert within the biking sector to praise the concept, which aims to avoid the potentially fatal effects of Traumatic Brain Injury in the event of a motorcycle accident.

The ThermaHelm helmet performs like an instant ice pack when activated by sudden impact (for example in a crash).

The helmet is lined with two packs filled with non-toxic chemicals which merge on impact, initiating a cooling effect that extends vital neurological protection during the critical Golden Hour prior to hospital arrival.

This cold reaction is immediate and absorbs heat from the head gradually whilst reducing swelling of the bruised brain tissue.

The cooling process lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and maintains stable brain temperatures of 37C/96F.

Martin Dugard, winner of the British Speedway Grand Prix in 2000 and former Eastbourne Eagles captain, said: “ThermaHelm is quite simply revolutionary for all aspects of motorcycling – it’s fantastic.

“The helmet could be used both domestically and professionally and can save lives everywhere.

“It’s such a simple idea but they say that simple ideas are the best. It only has to save one life and it will have done its job.”

Inventor Julian Powers welcomed Dugard¹s endorsement, saying: “We have every confidence in ThermaHelm as a life saving product, and to hear a similar view from Martin, who is so experienced in the highest level of motorsport, is hugely encouraging.

“We are very excited to have secured several meetings with a number of high profile helmet manufacturers in 2010 and hope ThermaHelm will soon be available to every rider, either when purchasing a new helmet or as an after-market addition to their existing helmet.”

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott