Guy Martin replica lid!

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Fans of mutton-chopped racer Guy Martin will be pleased to know a limited run of 50 replica lids will be available in 2010.

What they might not be so excited about is the £850 price tag.

But the cost is somewhat justified by the extremely limited and personal service. This lid won¹t be sprayed at the factory ­ each of the 50 top-of-the-range AGV GP Techs will be individually hand-painted by Wayne Padison, the man who paints all of Guy¹s race lids, and signed by Guy himself.

In addition, each of the 50 helmets will be numbered, come with a certificate of authenticity and a signed photo of Guy signing your helmet.

The signature on the lid will be done before the lacquer is applied so you can use your lid without any fear of the signature rubbing off!

Helmet number one will be auctioned at the Irish Racer awards in Belfast on January 15, to raise money for charity.

To order your Guy Martin replica you need to email

You’ll need to pay £450 up-front on reservation and the remaining £400 before the helmet is sent out to you. A £25 P&P charge will also apply.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott