Kent dangerous driver

I read with interest the article about the biker involved with a road-rage Volvo driver.

I had a similar experience when on an observed ride in South Kent as part the preparation for my IAM test.

My observer overtook a car which was travelling below the speed limit in a national speed (60mph) area and when safe to do so I overtook, quickly and safely.

The car driver, who I since refer to as Richard (D*ck) Head followed after us hooting and flashing his lights in obvious anger.

We had not cut him up, overtaken in a discourteous manner, stuck a finger up at him etc. He just saw red.

He tailed us for a couple of miles, gradually falling further behind but continuing to flash his lights.

Unfortunately there are a lot of tin-boxes out there whose drivers dislike being overtaken – they are the ones who sit in lane 2 of a motorway when lane 1 is empty, or driver at 71 mph in lane 3 for mile after mile.

The fact that the Surrey police are taking no further action surely means the case is no longer sub judice and it must be in the interests of all motorcyclists who use Surrey’s roads to be made aware of the limited detail of the Volvo’s registration number so that they can keep an eye open for the moron and avoid him at all costs.

To that end I would be grateful if you would splash it on the front page of the next issue for all to see.

That the police are failing to make an effort to find and prosecute the moron defies belief, they are after all paid by public funding and as tax payers we are entitled to protection.

Older police officers might remember “The primary function of an efficient police is the prevention of crime. The next, that of detection and punishment of offenders etc.”

Unfortunately, motorcyclists seem to fall into a category which does not merit the detection of criminals (road-rage moron) or protection from some by process of punishment via the legal system.


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