Snow blog: Daytona 675 vs Speed Triple… on Neighbours!

Published: 06 February 2009

After three failed attempts to get a spinning Seat Alhambra off the driveway, I resorted to a day of igloo-building and brandy drinking.

Tucked up in the cosy confines of Abbott Towers, and after a 10-minute  kip to sleep off the back ache brought about by shovelling snow about the lawn, I stumble across this little gem on housewife TV…

Two thoroughly bitter fellows on student comedown favourite, Aussie soap Neighbours, racing a Triumph Speed Triple and a Daytona 675 to settle some spurious feud over a woman 10 years ago.

Thirty seconds of biking action was all it took to send me apopleptic.

The family didn’t understand, hopefully you will.

So, if you’re housebound by snow today, catch the next episode – yesterday’s ended on a cliffhanger as the warring brothers entered the final corner side by side, elbows out, carrying a full 15 degrees of lean… Unmissable, I’d say.

It’s on Channel Five at 1.45pm (repeated at 5.30). Get your space on the sofa booked now, and amaze your missus with your request to watch Neighbours.