“Bikes are my weakness” confesses F1 racer Mark Webber

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Aussie Formula One star Mark Webber has admitted bikes are his money weakness…but he only owns a £5,000 Yamaha Fazer 600.

The frugal F1 star who earned about £3.8m last year driving for the Red Bull racing team told the Sunday Times he loves bikes and would like to own more, but his dad keeps putting him off.

“My dad owns a motorbike shop and he says that as long as he is alive I will never buy a motorbike. He is still alive but I have bought one here in the UK,” he said.

He described the £5,000 Fazer as a “very middle of the road, tame bike,” which seems an unappealing choice for an F1 driver.

“I love looking at new motorbikes – they are beautiful and I love watching MotoGP on the television.”

Webber, 32, lives in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire with his girlfriend, Ann. He will be back in action on the race track for the Australian Grand Prix next month.

Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley