‘80s pop star’s bike parking protest song

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A former pop star from the 1980s band Modern Romance has recorded a comic protest song against the scrapping of free motorcycle parking bays.

Andy Kyriacou’s ‘No no no’ is a spoof version Amy Winehouse’s Rehab and mocks Danny Chalkley, the Conservative councillor behind a new £1.50 a day charge to park in motorcycle bays which are traditionally free.

The song includes the lyrics:

‘Tryin’ to make us pay for parking, we say no.…no….no….
‘They say they need the dosh but we know it’s tosh
‘We ain’t got the time, to hear old Chalkey whine
‘He’s tryin’ to make us pay for parking, we say no.…no….no….’
Chalkey’s tax’s is just a farce,
But he can go & shove it, up his arse.’

Download it here. (Right click and save as)

Campaigners fear free motorcycle parking bays will be lost nationally unless the new charge in London’s Westminster is scrapped.

For details on a ‘mega demo’ ride planned for March 31, check www.notobikeparkingfees.com

Labour councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, who opposes the charge, said: "I applaud the motorbike parking protest campaign for their relentless and innovative campaign against Westminster Conservatives' unjustified motorbike parking charges.”

Westminster City Council declined to comment.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell