GSX-R600 swingarm problems

I had a GSX-R600 k8 i paid £7200 for it last july after having it only 6months the swing arm had to be replaced under warantee (crack in weld all the way round). 

I was very lucky, i had two days before cleaned all the chain sitting not 1ft away from the swingarm, but i never noticed the crack. A friend of mine noticed while we were out on a run. i would never have known it was there.

While suzuki dealt with it immediately (thunder road this is in bridgend) all credit to them top marks for there service, i have now px this bike because i lost faith in it, losing over £2000 on it in the process. 

Do you know of any other gsxr’s that have had this problem? Having just been told about the recall on the k5 k6 1000’s this would suggest to me that my choice to not keep this was a good one. Other owners of these suzuki’s should be aware of this possible problem, I can not imagine what would have happened if my mate hadn’t seen it- a defo off would have been coming my way i think!!!


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