(More) Credit Crunch Biking

Published: 25 February 2009

Feeling the pinch like many people (I'm a mortgage broker - business, what business?) I decided the 1300 Pan European had to go. We weren't touring any more and it's a bit over the top for my all weather 52 mile daily comute.

So, how do I stay on the road with most fun at minimum cost, still being able to have the odd 2 up ride and weekend blast? I have fond memories of an old CBR 1000F so I tracked one down using MCN and other sites. One caught my eye, nice looker, honest sounding advert with lots of photo's and the seller had loads of positive feedback. So, I set myself an upper limit (an odd amount is best) and a couple of days later it's mine for £900! 

48,000 miles, quite a bit of history and loads spent on it in the last few thousand miles - new tyres, exhaust, braided hoses, pads, cam chain tensioner, battery, chain, service and valve clearances.

Yes it has a number of honourably obtained scratches and the panel fit is a bit dodgy here and there but it starts on the button and has no rattles, smoke or other nasties. Looks good as well - see photos. Cheap insurance and I'm on the road again!