No to Bike Parking Tax Demo - Feb 28

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See you all there on Sat 28th, 10am Golden Square. This demonstration is pre-MEGA demo, which is on 31st March 2009, 5pm, Meet Trafalgar Square / Whitehall. (DST would have begun by then so the sun sets at 7:30pm!) the MEGA demo aiming to get more than 1000+ on the streets the MEGA demo is to coincide with this: We are letting you know now so you can make arrangements to be there.

We have all been invited by Westminster City Council formally to attend the “Built Environment Policy and Scrutiny Committee meeting” we have been told we can make 2 formal representations; 1. on behalf of the campaign, 2. on behalf of Westminster Residents.

BMF and MAG and Tax Payers’ Alliance will also make representations against the scheme (but hopefully it would have been scrapped by then). The important bit from their invitation to us is this: “As mentioned by Councillor Harvey, the meeting is to be held in Committee Rooms 5, 6 and 7, 17th Floor, City Hall. The public gallery can hold approximately 35-40 people. However, We have made arrangements for the neighbouring Committee rooms to be used as an overflow room should there be larger numbers in attendance. The sound will be piped through so anyone in there will be able to follow the meeting.”

Now… 35-40 haha, this is the important bit, as we know we got over 500 on the 17th Feb demo, at this meeting inside Westminster City Hall we are going to aim for 1000+ so we are announcing the date now to give you time to make arrangements since it starts at 5pm you may need to take a few hours off work in the evening or if you are coming from further away the whole day off, it is really important we get the numbers up above 1000+ it is possible, we have full Police support, and if we get to those numbers we will have huge credibility.

By the way the actual meeting might go on for a bit so do please bring water and supplies, I saw a few of you brought Hot Dogs last night, nice one! Hope to see you at both demonstrations!


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