Parking bikes in Brighton

As a manager of a car park I am in awe of the stupidity of the possible charging for parking bikes- lets think about the words…

car park…. so if we park the bike in a space and  pay we are still breaking the rules?
ah so if I park my motor home/transit van or mini bus in a “car” parking space  is this the same rule? Well I am not a car owner, I am a vehicle  owner??
When  obtaining a ticket for a “SPACE”  I  can use that space for any vehicle. Push chair/ shopping trolley.

In my car park I offer help to all vehicle owner including bikers, we use small, safe and otherwise useless space for them, free of charge.

If two riders arrive and the “spare” spaces are full we tell them to share and bring the ticket to the office, as we all know (those who have sense) some greedy person will steal it.
Most  owners or managers would be pleased to help bikers park safely just as we would help any other parker.
When I received a request from a man who’s only means of transport was a horse and cart I didn’t say ‘no its for vehicles with engines’. I even offered to help. 

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Sue Tomlinson

Reader's article

By Sue Tomlinson