GPR options for Suzuki GSX-R1000K9

Published: 07 July 2009

GPR have now produced a two into one decat option as well as the twin outlet exhaust system for the Suzuki GSX-R1000K9. 

Both can be used with the Powercone, GPE or even standard silencers. The 2-1 particularly has been developed to be the best in the market.

Complete with a removable baffle and a removable db reducer there are four options available in terms of sound. So when asked "what does it sound like" you can pretty much tell the customer that it's their choice.

Developed to match or exceed the market leader in terms of power. Priced to be the most competitive on the market and still give you the dealer the biggest margin in the business. 

Full pricing details to follow but twin slip-ons will start at £575.00 and the 4-1 complete with decat will have a SSP of less than £500.00. 

That's less than £500.00 with power to match the market leader for a hand made European product with industry leading margins. Influenced by Moto GP and the UK economy! Contact:  

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