MCN rides with Foggy at Festival of 1000 Bikes

Published: 13 July 2009

Carl Fogarty rode a bike hard for the first time since the end of his career at the Festival of 1000 bikes – and MCN was there to capture it on video.

Our reporter tailed Foggy for his blast round Mallory – and despite the events status as a non-competitive parade, the British racing legend still gave a road-going Ducati 996 SPS Foggy replica a proper thrashing!

“It’s been ten years since I’ve ridden a bike that quick! To have 20 minutes going quick was brilliant, I got right in to it. I was well nervous before I went out because I’ve not done anything like it for years.

"I’ve not ridden at Mallory for 18 years. I was getting lines wrong all over the place, and I was thrupenny-bitting Gerards because I kept turning in wrong, and I was thinking ‘dickhead’!”

Click here to watch the video.