Renner nervy ahead of record-breaking jump

Published: 24 July 2009

Red Bull nutter Ronnie Renner says he's feeling nervous ahead of tomorrow's attempt to break the world record for highest jump on a motorcycle. 

Renner is trying to break his own 2008 record of 59ft 2in and says he's been hitting 60ft in practice ­ but he hasn't jumped in 10 days. The jump, launched off a quarterpipe and subject to critical micro-maneuvrings both on the ramp and in the air, will take place in Chicago on Saturday.

Renner's ramp is bigger and differently-angled to last time. "I hit the thing in second gear because any faster and the suspension just collapses. Then I give it everything she's got to get maximum take-off speed."

Crucial to the success of the jump is thewhip Renner achieves in the air, as leaping off a quarter-pipe means he carries very little horizontal momentum, yet he's still got to clear 65 horizontal feet to reach the landing ramp.  

Renner say's he's going to apply more commitment to the jump than he's ever dared use before: "We got paramedics here after all man".

A typical big-air freestyle jump reaches 35ft in height. Renner will be hoping for well over 60ft.