Watch Ronnie Renner's six-storey jump

Published: 27 July 2009

Red Bull stunt rider Ronnie Renner smashed his own world record jump on Saturday, reaching 63.5ft from the ground.

That beats his previous best of 59.2ft.

It was over all too quickly - but you can watch it in lavish slo-mo in this video:

Ronnie's record-breaking jump


Vital to the success of the jump was the 'whip' Renner achieved - the way you generate both the horizontal momentum necessary to reach the landing ramp and, and to get the bike to describe the highest arc vital for achieving the new record. Unsurprisingly Renner's famous for his whip. Here he explains how to do it, if you fancy a go yourself. How to a do a whip by Ronnie Renner