Steve Plater endorses Sunwise Sunglasses

Published: 01 June 2009

HM Plant’s British Supersport and road racing representative Steve Plater is becoming the face of Sunwise Sunglasses for the racing world.

The ChromaFusion Waterloo (rrp £59.99) is the flagship in the huge Sunwise range.

It features polarised, photochromic lenses that can adapt from cloudy skies to bright sunshine, sharpen colours, and improve perception in shadows.

This technology is fitted to a slick-looking sports frame for a weight of just 20g and total comfort.

The straight arms slide easily into a helmet to complete the ultimate all-day biking sunglasses. The secure fit and exceptional optics are the core qualities that make the Waterloo appreciated by a huge range of sportspeople.

"I'm delighted to be associated with Sunwise,” commented Steve. “Its ground-breaking eyewear lets me face any weather conditions with confidence, just like I have to on the starting grid."

“We’re delighted to have Steve on board,” added Malcolm Wootton, director of Sunwise distributor MotoComp.

“He’s an excellent ambassador for the sport with a rare natural talent that he can seemingly turn to any bike or race.

“Sunwise is all about high performance in any situation, so Steve is a great fit for the brand.”