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Metmachex Bandit

Published: 25 June 2009

In january this year, while sorting out the frames of two Z1000R's I am restoring I saw the bike in the foyer of Metmachex.

I was a little concerned about the weird steering but very impressed with the look of the bike and the engineering that went into it. after brief discusion a price was agreed and in June I took delivery of the Red bandit.

I literallly had a quick spin around the car park and dumped it in the back of the van. The journy home to france is over a thousand miles.

The anticipation of having a proper ride on it nearly killed me. If you look at the steering you will see its two rose joints as opposed to ball bearing head races.

This is a novel idea and although agreeing to buy the bike with out riding it I was a bit nervous as to what it would feel like. Once home I took it out for a "play' with only 65 miles on the clock the bandit engine was still tight but fun enough.

The steering is a little tight on take off but then the whole bike changes. With out doubt this is the BEST handling bike bar none I have ever ridden. What makes me laugh is a small company can produce such a brilliant bike.

It's extremly stable at all speeds and just glides around bends. I think many of the major companies should have a go on this bike as it makes the current crop od Sports tourers look old fashioned.

It will do more than give an R1 a run for its money in the tight winding roads in the Pyrenees.I had a little go but am still running in.

All I can say is forget the Ducati, Aprilia and Japanes factories go down to Metmachex and have one of the Bandits built its simply superb.