173mph driver avoids jail

OK, so this guy was in a car not on a bike, but I thought I should draw people’s attention to this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/derbyshire/7955457.stm

The police have allegedly clocked him at nearly 50mph more than his car is capable of, the the CPS insist that “the officers’ speed recording device was reliable.”

Why is this relevant to us? Well, imagine if he was riding something like a FireBlade in exactly the same circumstances. That bike *is* capable of 173mph, so the rider would now be in prison, simply because the police are either (a) using dodgy equipment; (b) using perfectly OK equipment incompetently; or (c) deliberately writing motorists up for higher speeds than they were actually doing, for reasons best known to themselves.

Given that, whilst few cars would have fallen foul of this, many bikers could potentially be affected.

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By Grimbeard