emoto - a word of warning

I have been waiting for 20 days so far for a screen and a pair of pazzo levers after paying with paypal with http://www.emotouk.com.

I was not told the screen was out of stock first of all so i was then told a week till it will arrive then as that week went by i emailed asking what had happened and was told to stop making trouble as we are still waiting for the screen.

So i said if they could not get the screen to me by the 18th i would like a refund and was told you will just have to wait and stop emailing and wasting our time!!!

Needless to say they will never see another order from me and i will stick with the compaies i know in the future. They have since taken a debit card payment for the same amount by using my details from a order i placed 12 months back.

To sum up - no parts sent, no refund given and now debit card fraud, it just get better and better. Halifax fraud dept are now looking into him and i have a claim filed with paypal as well. They will not answer the phone or return my emails. Just what biking really does not need. 

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ian dunn

Reader's article

By ian dunn